DeIsSome remarks to synthetize my feeling about those few days in Berlin.

I really appreciate having this panorama of the history of heritage and museums in each country: it is to me indispensable to understand what we share and what may help us to build projects in the future. It was interesting to figure out how the creation of national identities but also international competition have accompanied the one of heritage and what was the role played by temporality or space, depending on the nation where those stories took place.

Mixing theoretical papers and concrete example was a good way to deal with the heterogeneity of the results we can currently observe in our respective countries and to address the new challenges we have to face. In a new context, the notions of “controverse”, “experience of the visitors”… play a relevant role, alongside the terms of “objects” and “places” that you’ve planned to question in future meetings.

Delphine Issenmann

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Les mises en scène des sciences et leurs enjeux. 19e – 21e siècles

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